Trenchless Sewer Repairs in Pasadena

No More Destructive Digging 

When your sewers are damaged and in need of repair, the estimated costs and disruptions can be daunting. But with The Sewer Co., you do not have to stress about digging up your yard or making holes in your walls. We offer trenchless sewer repairs in Pasadena and the neighboring areas for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team of experts will help you repair your sewer lines without the catastrophic disruption of traditional sewer repair services. 

The benefits of trenchless sewer repair are many, including: 

  • Repairs can take as little as a single day to complete
  • The process is less intrusive and can limit the damage to your property 
  • Safe and long-lasting solutions to sewer issues 

For more information about the trenchless sewer repair services we offer in Pasadena, call (626) 779-8503 Or contact us online to speak to our experts.

Affordable & Efficient
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What is Trenchless Sewer Repair? 

Depending on your situation and your property, there are a few different types of trenchless sewer repair options. After we conduct our thorough video inspection of your sewers, we will make a recommendation as to what method we think is best for repairing your pipes. It is important to know that not all kinds of pipes are able to tolerate trenchless repairs. Even if your pipes are not eligible for trenchless repairs, we will help you find a solution for your sewer woes. 

Cured in place or structural pipe lining essentially creates a new pipe within the old pipe. To do so, we insert a liner that has been specially treated and let it cure inside of the old pipe. Similarly, spray lining or brush coating creates a new pipe within the old pipe by applying a new coat of lining inside the pipe that is either sprayed or brushed on. After the curing process for either of these methods, your old pipes will be as good as new. 

Another method of trenchless sewer repair is pipe bursting, which breaks the old pipe as the new pipe is pulled into place. This method is a total pipe replacement, instead of a relining, and can be a good option for older pipes that are in dire need of replacement. 

Same-Day Solutions Available Protect your home
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Fix Your Sewers Without Disruption with The Sewer Co.

Keep the disruptions and destruction to a minimum by choosing trenchless sewer repairs from The Sewer Co. We will help you fix all your sewer issues without causing damage to your walls or yard. Whether you are looking for trenchless sewer repairs at home or at your commercial or industrial property, we will find a solution that suits your needs and your budget. We work hard to help our neighbors in Pasadena take care of their sewers and drains. 

Do you have questions about trenchless sewer repairs in Pasadena? Call (626) 779-8503 or contact us online to speak with one of our experts. 


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