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Drain and sewer cleaning is a common service for local home and business owners. Our local area is prone to regular drain clogs and calling on a rooter service every year or two is common. The technology we offer at The Sewer Co. can restore your drains for longer than traditional drain rooting services, all at a lower price for your peace of mind. 

Our Drain & Sewer Cleaning Process

Our process involves an initial inspection with a video scope to correctly assess the drain clog and its location. In doing this, we can analyze the overall health of the drain and determine how to restore near-new pipe condition. 

The video tells us a lot about your drain and sewer lines including:

  • Their age
  • The degree of corrosion 
  • Any undetected leaks
  • The nature of the clog, including grease, stuck solid objects, a built-up paper or bathroom products, roots in the line, and more
  • Improperly joined segments or segments joined at too severe an angle
  • Affordable & Efficient
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Hydrojetting & Trenchless Technology

With the precise information gathered from our thorough video inspection, we can accurately direct our pipe jetting nozzle to the correct target. Once done, we run the video scope again to ensure the drain is ultra clean.

There is no “one size fits all” approach. Some plumbing requires heavy buildup removal and others are less extreme. Remember, our goal is not just to clear the clog that you are currently experiencing, but to restore your pipes to as close to new as possible, despite years of use.

The key benefits of advanced hydrojetting include:

  • Thorough video inspection of your drain, including the discovery of possible hidden leaks.
  • Uncompromising flush-out of residue and clogs in the line. No “poke through” donut holes through the clog that partly restore function.
  • Long-lasting results measured in years rather than months.
  • Money savings when you avoid frequent plumber services and revenue-busting downtime.

In addition to our hydrojetting services, The Sewer Co. also offer trenchless sewer repairs. This starts by locating your line using noninvasive measures. Once we have that data, we can pinpoint the problem using our camera scope and get to work efficiently repairing, replacing, or installing a new sewer line, all without having to dig up your yard or burrow through cement. 

This process is less time consuming, less invasive, and allows us to restore your plumbing quicker than traditional methods.  

Commercial & Industrial Drain & Sewer Services in Pasadena

In Pasadena and throughout the surrounding areas, hydro cleaning and sewer jetting is becoming recognized as the superior method for removing stubborn clogs. No other previous technology even comes close to what this approach can achieve. When a commercial or industrial property is affected by clogged drains, revenue and reputation can be affected. Worse, older technology is really only a “break-fix” solution, and the problem will return all too soon. 

Chances are you do not have a good idea of the age of the drains in your facility. Perhaps you bought a building that is 30 years old or more, and the condition of the sewer line is a mystery. Even if your building is relatively new, the drains and waste plumbing in commercial buildings are subjected to more than a standard drain. That is where our team can help. Whether you are running a business or own an industrial facility, our knowledge, tools, and expertise can ensure your plumbing is always flowing. 

Call (626) 779-8503 today to schedule your sewer and drain services. We serve homes and businesses throughout Pasadena, South Pasadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, and San Marino.

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